Even we say that our floors are very clean, but still we don’t know if it is the same with our carpets. There could be a lot of things that might be there without noticing. Some of them could be blood stains, muds, dirt from your shoes or slippers, you spill your coffee or juice and sometimes gums and colors.  


If you are tired of cleaning it by yourself there are many other options that you can think of. Everett Carpet Cleaning gives a good service in cleaning the dust and removing the possible causes of smelly smell coming from your carpet. Their video commercial became recognizable among online community, after additional, real and targeted views provided from social media company. But if your budget is not that very good for hiring someone. Then, the possible solution to your own problem is to do it by yourself.  

Blotting is a good way of removing common stains You may use a very soft clean cloth, it is a good method as well to use a sponge or paper tissues or towels. You really don’t need anything to do except by rubbing it with a little force, in this way it will lose the dirt sticking into it.  

If it is too hard to remove and you are very worried, there could be another way to help you fix it. I don’t know, if you are very familiar with club soda. A lot of housewives said that this is the best remedy for juice, coffee and even to wine and beer stains. Just make sure that you use the right amount and be careful in using it. You would need again a clean piece of cloth and then pour some soda club to the towel and then slowly blot it to your carpet. You may want to mix a little vinegar to it and put it in a bottle spray and use it now. Another tip to use it, is to let it soak to the carpet and wait for about 30 minutes. After that, scrub a little and then if it is fully out, rinse the part with a lukewarm water. Damp it with a clean towel or paper tissue after.  

If you are a man and you don’t have anything except for your shaving cream, that could be a good alternative for you to apply. One man who accidentally used it said that it can hardly remove all the kinds of stains. Just pour a little to the area where the stain is located. Let is stay there for 30 to 40 minutes. The same thing will happen again, blotting the are softly.  

Common problem now of the most parents is the chewing gum. If this one sticks to the mat, they always have a hard time to get rid of it. One way to this is placing an ice cube to the gum. After that, the chewing candy will be frozen and a little solid now and try letting off from the carpet.  

No matter what happened, if your worry is just dust and small particles, you may use vacuum cleaner to it.  

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